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Beaches in Telugu Lands

Bheemunipatnam Beach

Bheemunipatnam Beach is at a distance of 24km. from Visakhapatnam, this beach is located where river Gosthani vanishes in the sea.

Once a Dutch settlement, the ruins of a fort and cemetery are still intact. Considered to be one of the safest beach sites in Andhra Pradesh state, this beach site has got one of the finest sea resorts of India, known as Bheemli.

How to Reach ?
  • By Air : Visakhapatnam is well connected by air with all major metros like Hyderabad, Chennai, Calcutta and Mumbai.
  • By Rail : Daily train services from all major towns - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bhubaneshwar, Calcutta etc.
  • By Road: Bheemunipatnam is well connected by city buses from Visakhapatnam.

  • Mypad Beach

    Mypad Beach is located at 25 km.away from Nellore, this is a fine sandy beach. The brilliant coastline provdes one of the most luring sites for beach lovers. The entire coastline of Andhra Pradesh is stunningly appealing with lush green environment and sun kissed sands providing an enchanting back drop.

    How to Reach ?
  • By Air : The nearest airports are at Tirupati (130 km.) and Chennai (200 km.)
  • By Rail : Mypad beach can be reached from Nellore (25 km.)
  • By Road: There are local buses that reach Mypad from Nellore (25 km.)

  • Ramakrishna Beach

    The combination of both Ramakrishna Beach And Lawson's Bay present a very picturesque site. It presents quite a contrast with its long and calm water stretches from the busy city life of Vishakhaptnam

    Rishikonda Beach

    Rishikonda is a golden, unspoilt beach, washed by the sun-warmed sea, 8 km from Vizag and an ideal for water sports lovers, especially swimmers, water skiers, and wind surfers.

    Vodarevu Beach

    Vodarevu Beach is located at about 6-km from Chirala, in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh.Vodarevu makes quite a nice weekend hideout and has got quite a good share of tourist inflow, mainly because of its tranquil setting. It is a beautiful beach with a constant inflow of tourists spending their weekends in serene setting. This is a nice gateway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    How to Reach ?
  • By Air : Nearest airport is Hyderabad .
  • By Rail : Chirala and Guntur (35-km) are the nearest railway stations.
  • By Road: There are buses from Vijaywada, Guntur, Chirala etc. Taxis are also available.

  • Manginapudi Beach

    Manginapudi Beach is located at a distance of 11 km. from Machilipatnam in Krishna District. Manginapudi is a must visit place because of its mesmerizing scenic sites and also because of its historic significance as a port city. Machilipatnam flourished as a commercially important trading centre and served as a gateway to India.

    The beach possesses tremendous potential with a natural bay and comparatively shallow and safe waters. A beautifully laid park with a fountain and well lit surroundings further enhance its reputation as a place for relaxation.It's also a popular health resort as well as an ideal picnic spot in Andhra Pradesh.

    How to Reach ?
  • By Air : The nearest airport is at Vijayawada about 85 km.away.
  • By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Machilipatnam about 15 km. away.
  • By Road: Manginapudi can be reached from Vijayawada that is at a distance of85 km.and Machilipatnam that is at a distance of 15 km.

  • Hamsala Deevi

    Hamsaladeevi is a village in Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh close to where one branch of River Krishna meets the Indian Ocean. It is also known as "Swan Island".

    The river Krishna branches in to two streams at Puligadda near Avanigadda. The eastern stream empties into the Bay of Bengal at Palakayi Tippa, 5 kilometres from Hamsaladeevi. TIPPA or DIBBA in Telugu means elevated land. The western stream again branches into three streams, Lankavani Dibba Krishna, Naasagunta Krishna, and Venisagaram Krishna, and then empties into the Bay of Bengal.

    The people of Andhra Pradesh worship the River Krishna by the name "Goddess Krishna Veni". Nearly 8% of the total cultivated land in the country is in the Krishna River watershed.

    One can see the beauty of the River Krishna which merges in to the Bay of Bengal (Samudrudu) at Palakayi Tippa. This place can be reached by road and the actual 'Sagara Sangamam' (confluence with the ocean) is a few kilometers away and can also be reached by road. The road ends at a beach (3 km from Palakayi Tippa) and one needs to travel further along the beach (not very safe late in the evening during the high tide) for about 2 km before reaching the confluence point. At the point, there is a sign warning people not go more than a few meters into the water (the water at that point is apparently 30 feet deep) - there are cement pillars erected to indicate the safe area.

    There is a building erected near the point and if one climbs it for a bird's-eye view, one can clearly see the river dumping water(of a slightly different color) and soil into the sea (which looks very blue in the afternoon sun). The confluence (along with the swans on the beach) is a visual treat for anybody who loves nature and it offers a deep spiritual experience for the religiously inclined.

    There is also an old Venugopalaswamy (Lord Krishna) temple at Hamsaladeevi. People celebrate 'Magha Pournami' (February) as a holy day. That day 'Anna daanam' (food-donation) is done for who ever comes to visit this place.

    How to Reach ?

  • Hamsaladeevi can be reached by Bus from Vijayawada or from Gudivada.

    Towns Near By Hamsaladeevi

  • Hamsala Deevi is at a distance of 11.7 km. from Nagayalanka
  • Hamsala Deevi is at a distance of 13 km. from Mopidevi
  • Hamsala Deevi is at a distance of 13.2 km. from Avanigadda
  • Hamsala Deevi is at a distance of 17.5 km. from Challapalli