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Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam UNIVERSITY

Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam a women’s university was founded in 1983 by Sri NT Rama Rao. The purpose of establishing this university is to provide adequate training facilities to women candidates in the state. The University was established under the Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam Act of 1983, which has come into force on the 14th of April 1983. The university campus is situated in lush green surrounding in Tirupati. The university acquires 138.43 acres of land. There are buildings to run academic programs and administrative machinery. There are separate buildings for Humanities and Sciences, University’s Administration, Central Library, Sericulture Complex, and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and also an independent building for Computer Science and Computer center. The campus has a serene atmosphere and provides the right ambience for teaching and learning.

Courses Offered

Department of Education

Bachelor Course in Education (B.Ed.)
Duration: one year
No.of Seats: 100 Regular

B.Ed Special Education (Hearing Impaired)
Duration: One year
No. of Seats: 25 Regular

Master’s Course In Education (M.Ed)
Duration: one year(Two semesters)
No.of Seats: 12   Regular
Eligibility: B.Ed graduate of any recognized University.

Master’s Course In Special Education (Hearing Impaired) (Self – Finance)
Duration: One year (2 semesters)
No.of Seats: 20(Self Finance)

Research Programs
Key Areas of Research:
Teacher Education
Women Education
Educational Technology Special Education
Elementary Education
Secondary Education

Department of Law

Bachelor Course in Law (LL.B)
Duration: 3 years (Six Semesters)
No.of Seats: 40 Regular (Minimum 10

Five Years Integrated Law Courses (B.A,LL.B)
Duration: 5 years (Ten Semesters)
No.of Seats: 40 Regular (minimum 10)

Master's Course In Law (LL.M)
Duration: Two years (Four Semesters)
No.of Seats: 8 per branch

Department of Pharmacy

Bachelor Course in Pharmacy(B. Pharmacy)
Duration: 4 Years
No.of Seats: 40 Regular

Master Course in Pharmacy (M.Pharmacy,Self-Finance)
Duration: Two Years (Four Semesters)   
No.of Seats: Pharmaceutical Chemistry-10

Research Programme:
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)   
Key areas of Research:
Peptide drug synthesis and evaluation
Novel Heterocyclic drugs
Phytochemical & Pharmacological studies on Indigenous plants
Clinical Pharmacology
Neuro Pharmacology
Novel drug delivery systems

Deapartment of Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

Information Technology (IT)

Industrial Bio-Technology (IBT)

Electronics & Electrical Engineering (EEE)


Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) (Self-finance)
Duration Two years (Four Semesters)
No.of Seats: 90
Research Programs:

Department of Computer Science

Master in Computer Applications
Duration: Three Years (Six semesters)
No.of Seats: 40 Regular, 60 Self – Finance
Research Programme:

M. Phil
Key Areas of Research:
Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks
Data Mining
Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Algorithms
Computer Networks
Parallel Processing
Image Processing
Network Security
Pattern Recognition
Bio Informatics and GIS

M.A Music

Duration: Two years (Four Semesters)
No.of Seats: 10 Regular seats in each veena ans vocal

M.A.IN Bharathanatyam

Duration: Two years (Four Semesters)
No.of Seats: 10 Payments
Research Programmes:
Key Areas of Research:
Practical Music Related
Contribution of Vaggeyakaras
Musical Treatises
AIR – Music
Sri Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams - Music in Temple rituals
Music in Digital Recording Systems

Department of Social Work

Master’s Course in Social Work [MSW]
Duration: Two Years (Four Semesters)
No.of Seats: 30 Regular,18 - Payment
Research Programmes:
M.Phil & Ph.D
Key Areas of Research:
Child Mental Health
Women empowerment
Urban, Rural and Tribal Development
Child Labour
Institution Building and Micro
Urban & Rural Poverty
Family Dynamics
Social Problems
Health and Mental Health

P.G. Diploma in Family Health And HIV/AIDS Counselling (Self-Financing, Full-Time Course)
Duration: One Year (full-time Self Financing)
No.of Seats: 30 students

Certificate Course in Micro Finance (Self-Financing evening Course)
Duration: 3 Months [Evening Course]
No.of Seats: 25

Diploma Courses

Courses Offered:
PG Diploma in Graphics and Web Design (Evening Course)
PG Diploma in Graphics and Visual Effects (Evening Course)
PG Diploma in Graphics and Animation (Evening Course)
Certificate Course in Soft Skills (Evening Course)
Certificate Course for Anchoring in Radio and Television (Evening Course)

Distance Education Courses Offered:

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SPMV DEC Courses

Undergraduate Courses


B.Ed. Additional Methodology

Post Graduate Courses

M.A. Women’s Studies

M.A. English

M.Sc. Mathematics

M.A. Music

M.Sc. Zoology

M.A. Telugu Language, Literature & Translation

LL.M. (a) Constitutional Law & Administrative Law , (b)Criminology & Torts

P.G. Diploma Courses

P.G. Diploma in Public Relations

P.G. Diploma in Family and Health Counseling

P.G. Diploma in Pre-School Education

Diploma Course

Diploma in Music

SPMV DEC Contact Details

The Director, Distance Education Centre
S.P. Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati–2
Ph: 0877–6541340

Contact Details:

Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam
Tirupati, 517502 (A.P)
Fax: 8572 - 27867

91-877-2284567 (Off)
91-877-2284568 (Fax)

91-877-2284588 (Off)