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The kakatiya University came into existence in 1976 with an aim to fulfill the aspirants of the Telengana people for higher education. The establishment of the university opened up new era in the realm of higher education in the region.

The university was accredited with B grade by the NAAC in 2002.

The university is now offering programmes in engineering, pharmacy, law, computer science, arts, commerce, and oriental courses in the university, constituent and affiliated colleges. Apart from all these, the School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education (SDLCE) is offering a large number of programmes through distance mode.

In an effort to give impetus to the educational, research and faculty exchange programmes with foreign universities, the university has entered into MoU with Central Michigan University, USA in March 2006. Some more Universities are enriching interest to tie up with the University for Academic Programmes.

Courses Offered

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Kakatiya University offer a wide variety of courses in engineering, law, humanities, commerce, etc. Courses are held under various departments. Given below is the list of courses offered by Kakatiya University.

Faculty of Arts

Under Graduation

(B.A.) Bachelor of Arts:
Advertising Sales
Computer Applications
Human Resource Management
Office Management
Political Science
Public Administration
Rural Industry
Tourism & Travel Management

Post Graduation







Faculty of Commerce & Business Management

Under Graduation

B.Com. (General)

B.Com. (Computer Applications)

B.Com. (Corporate Secretary Ship)

B.Com. (Corporate Accountancy)

B.Com. (Taxation)

B.B.M. (Bachelor of Bssn.Mgt)

Post Graduation

Commerce & Bssn.Mgt.

Human Resource Mgt.(Master of Tourism Mgt.)

Master of Financial Accounting

M.B.A. (Master of Bssn.Admin.)

Faculty of Education

Under Graduation

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

Post Graduation

M.Ed. (Master of Education)

Faculty of Engineering

Under Graduation


Computer Science

Electrical & Electronics

Electrical & Instrumentation

Electronics & Communications

Information Technology



Faculty of Law

Under Graduation

LL.B.(Bachelor of Law)

Post Graduation

LL.M.(Master of Law)

LL.M.(Human Rights)

Faculty of Library Science

Under Graduation

B.Li.Sc. (Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences)

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Under Graduation

B.Pham. (Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Post Graduation

M.Pham. (Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Faculty of Science

Under Graduation

Computer Applications





Computer Science



Food Science & Quality

Control Industrial




Industrial Chemistry


Medical Lab. Technology



Poultry Science



Post Graduation

Applied Chemistry





Computer Science

Engineering Physics & Instrumentation


Information Systems



Organic Chemistry





M.C.A (Master Of Computer Application)

Diploma Courses

PGDCA (Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)

PGDCB (Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Biochemistry)

PGDS (Post-Graduate Diploma in Sericulture)

PGDIS (Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Systems)

Research Programs for M.Phil/Ph.D are Offered in the Faculties of Arts, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and General Science. At present, 224 Research Scholars are working forM.Phil/Ph.D Degrees

Restructured Courses

Political Science, Public Administration and History
Political Science, Public Administration and Economics
Political Science, Economics and History
Political Science, History and Modern Language
Political Science, History and Sociology
Political Science, Economics and Modern Language
Political Science, Economics and Sociology
Public Administration, History and Sociology
Public Administration, Economics and Sociology
Sociology, History and Modern Language
Sociology, Economics and Modern Language
Mathematics, Economics and Statistics
Mathematics, Economics and Commerce
Mathematics, Economics and Computer Applications
Economics, Commerce and Rural Industry
Economics, Public Administration and Computer Applications
Economics, Public Administration and Communicative English
Economics, Political Science and Computer Applications
Economics, Commerce and Computer Applications
Economics, Commerce and Advertising & Sales Management
Economics, Commerce and Office Management
Economics, Political Science and Human Resource Management
Economics, Public Administration and Office Management
Economics, History and Advertising & Sales Management
Economics, History and Computer Applications
Economics, Political Science and Office Management
Economics, History and Office Management
History, Public Administration and Tourism & Travel Management
Tourism & Travel Management, History and One of other Social Science disciplines already existing at the college
Mathematics,Statics and Computer Science

B.Com. (General)
B.Com. (Computer Applications)
B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)
B.Com. (Corporate Accountancy)
B.Com. (Taxation)
B.Com. (Tax Procedure and Practices)
B.Com. (Advertising and Sales Promotion & Sales Management)

B.B.M. (Bachelor Business Management)

B.C.A. (Bachelor Computer Application)

Botany, Chemistry and Zoology
Botany, Chemistryand Geology
Botany, Chemistryand Biochemistry
Botany, Chemistryand Microbiology
Botany, Chemistryand Genetics
Botany, Chemistryand Food Science & Quality Control
Botany, Chemistryand Industrial Microbiology
Botany, Chemistryand Computer Science
Botany, Chemistryand Computer Applications
Botany, Chemistryand Biotechnology
Botany, Zoologyand Computer Science
Botany, Zoologyand Computer Applications
Botany, Zoologyand Industrial Microbiology
Zoology, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Zoology, Chemistry and Microbiology
Zoology, Chemistry and Poultry Science
Zoology, Chemistry and Fishery-Biology
Zoology, Chemistry and Medical Lab. Technology
Zoology, Chemistry and Computer Applications
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
Mathematics, Physics and Computer Applications
Mathematics, Physics and Electronics
Mathematics, Physics and Geology
Mathematics, Physics and Instrumentation
Mathematics Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science
Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Applications
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Applications
Mathematics, Electronics and Computer Science
Mathematics, Electronics and Computer Applications
Mathematics, Geology and Computer Science
Microbiology, Geology and Computer Science
Microbiology, Chemistry and Computer Applications
Microbiology, Botany and Computer Applications
Biochemistry, Chemistry and Computer Applications
Biotechnology, Zoology and Computer Applications
Biotechnology, Chemistry and Computer Applications
Biotechnology, Chemistry and Zoology

Kakatiya University Distance Education Programs
Kakatiya University offers variety of courses in both regular and distant learning mode. Given below is the list of courses offered by Kakatiya University

Master Degree Courses

M.A. (Master of Arts)






Political Science

Public Administration




LL.M. (Master of Law, Environmental Law)

M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)

M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications)

M.Com.(Master of Commerce)

M.Ed (Master of Education)

M.P.Ed.(Master of Physical Education)

Post Graduate Diploma Programs

DCP (Diploma in Computer Programming)

DOA (Diploma Office Automation)

PGCLPS (Post Graduate Diploma in Law & Public Service)

PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)

PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)

PGDCPL (Post Graduate Diploma in Consumer Protection Laws)

PGDDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education)

PGDECWT (Post Graduate Diploma in e-Commerce and Web Technologies)

PGDHR (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights)

PGDMISCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Systems and Computer Applications)

PGDPMIR (Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations

PGDRBC (Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Co-operation)

PGDRD (Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development)

PGDY (Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga)

Under Graduate Programs

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - General, with combination of Social Sciences)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - Human Resource Management)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - Tourism and Travel Management)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - Advertisement and sales Management)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - Mathematics)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - Computers for non-mathematics)

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts - Computers with Mathematics)

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science - Mathematics)

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science - Computer Applications)

B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science)

B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce - General)

B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce - Computers)

B.B.M. (Bachelor of Business Management)

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

B.L.I.Sc. (Bachelor of Library and Information Science)


B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)

B.C.J. (Bachelor of Journalism)

Certificate Programs

CLISc (Certificate Course in Library and Information Science)

C.Co (Certificate Course in Cosmetics)

Contact Details:

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Kakatiya University
Vidyaranyapuri, Warangal,
Telangana. India
Pin - 506009
Registrar: 91-870-2438866
Vice Chancellor: 91-870-2439966
Controller of Examinations: 91-870-2438822(O),
Mobile: 9848783292