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Kalyan Ram

Personal Profile:

Original Name Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Film Name Kalyan Ram
Kalyan Ram Nick Name Kallu
Kalyan Ram Other names NKR, Energetic Star
Kalyan Ram Date of Birth July 5, 1980
Kalyan Ram Birth of Place Hyderabad
Kalyan Ram Occupation Actor, Producer
Kalyan Ram Education Computer Sciences, P.G
Kalyan Ram Father Name Nandamuri HariKrishna
Kalyan Ram Wife Swathi
Kalyan Ram First Movie(Hero) Toli Choopulone
Kalyan Ram First Director Kasi Viswanath
Kalyan Ram First Producer Ramoji Rao
Kalyan Ram First Movie(Child Artist) Bala Gopaludu

Kalyan Ram Movie Journey

His career started with 2 flops, Abhimanyu and Toli Choopuloni. However, his third film Athanokkade became a runaway hit at box office. His fourth film Asadhyudu disappointed. His next film is Lakshmi Kalyanam.

Kalyan Ram Movies List

Rama Krishna (2017)
Ism (2016)
Sher (2015)
Pataas (2015) Producer,Actor
Om 3D (2013) Producer,Actor
Kalyanram Kathi (2010) Producer,Actor
Jayeebhava (2009) Producer,Actor
Hareram (2008) Producer,Actor
Vijayadasami (2007)
Lakshmi Kalyanam (2007)
Asadhyudu (2006)
Athanokade (2005) Producer,Actor
Abhimanyu (2003)
Toli choopulone (2003)